SKTLs Advisory Council

Richard Chute

Richard Chute is the Chief Development Officer of The Planetary Society. An interest in science and astronomy, bolstered by a love for science fiction, began at an early age for Richard. From watching Star Trek in its original run on TV, seeing Saturn through a telescope for the first time in 5th grade, joining the rocketry club in 6th grade, getting a first-edition copy of Star Wars for Christmas, to watching Cosmos as a young college student, he’s always been fascinated by space exploration.

Cody Willard

Cody Willard is a hedge fund manager and publisher of an online subscription investment and trading newsletter, a husband and a father to two beautiful daughters, one of whom is and has been diagnosed with a genetic disorder. Cody has been a Division-1 NCAA basketball player, an incubator analyst, a stock broker, a real estate appraiser, a busboy, a TV news anchor on Fox Business and CNBC. Mr. Willard received a BA in Economics from the University of New Mexico in 1996.