SKTLs Founders

The space cryptocurrency

Piper Adamian works for a hedge fund and moonlights working on apps and music. Piper Adamian graduated Magna Cum Laude from Fort Lewis College in  2011. Piper started working at 13 years old, and has worked in at least 12 different industries, with more than 30 different job titles and responsibilities. These include service industry, construction and real estate development, administration and logistics, industrials and many other industries and sectors. In his spare time he spent 10 years in Colorado as an extreme athlete and semi-professional soccer player. Adding to his love for life is his love for music, having played guitar for 30 years plus.

M. Sinasi Bilsel is a retired computer scientist. He is a blockchain, machine learning and software defined networking enthusiast. During his career, he has developed Telecom workflow systems, program analysis and understanding tools, and programming language compilers. He enjoys reading, studying philosophy, and flyfishing. Also, he is an avid basketball player.

Alfonso Carrillo is originally from Guatemala, where he began his career in corporate law. He then migrated into fraud and insolvency practice, with a strong focus on anti-corruption and strengthening the Rule of Law work. In 2014 Alfonso moved to the US to study for an MBA at Babson College. Since graduating in 2016, his work has included stints in financial services with a focus on sustainability and advising family office investments in LED technologies and emerging markets. More recently, he confounded a coffee retail and wholesale business, as well as an esports company. He currently spends most of his time helping grow an education technology services company out of Cambridge.

John Chen has spent over 20 years working in data and network security, OS administration and  computer programming.  John supported important clients including the US Navy and Department of Defense on Common Criteria EAL-4 Firewalls. He is a long-time Linux evangelist and has provided support to many clients in Linux and UNIX/BSD OS Administration. John has worked in Fintech since 2017.  John is an enthusiastic traveler and has visited over 40 countries.

Princewill Imouokhome is a finance professional and maverick at heart. As a cryptocurrency/impact investment enthusiast, SKTLs provided a way to maximize his time and efforts. Princewill served in strategy, development, marketing, and anywhere else he was called on to pick up weight. He has a huge heart for seeing the continent of Africa embrace both cryptocurrency and private and public space exploration, and is expectant for those hopes changing the world.

Danielle Marin is a digital and tech entrepreneur who helps businesses build and expand their anchor within the digital space. Previously, Marin worked for over a decade with large scale companies, such as CVS Health and Virgin Pulse, building out digital programs that impact millions of people across the country. She graduated with from Bryant University with a Masters in Business Administration and International Finance.

Matthew C. Mastrangelo is a private investor and wealth manager located in NYC. He has a long career in Publishing, Marketing, Advertising with a focus on Digital and Creative Marketing. He has held Senior level, positions in some of Americas most iconic brands including Rolling Stone, Conde Nast Publishing and the New York Times Publishing group. He has been an active investor in both the the Crypto and Space markets for many years and is thrilled to be a founding member of SKTLs and looks forward to being a small part of of this community that will finally take action to clean up what others have left behind in the final frontier.

Kris Meyer is an award winning and Emmy nominated producer who has worked for the past 20 years with the comedic duo The Farrelly Brothers under their production banner, Conundrum Entertainment. He has worked as a creative executive, production executive and producer on such blockbuster hits as “There’s Something About Mary,” “Me, Myself & Irene,” “Shallow Hal,” “Fever Pitch”, “Hall Pass”, “The Three Stooges” and “Dumb & Dumber To”.

Edward L. Moses is a Lyricist, Music producer and Audio Engineer currently working for the Fox Weather App. From the world famous Apollo theater to Fox News, Music and sound has taken him to several states, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa. Coming from modest means he’s seen how access and education has a huge impact on the lives of individuals. He sees the Blockchain phenomenon as a way of bringing the solutions to many of the worlds problems.

Daniel Ng is a blockchain enthusiast/technologist, a software veteran with over a decade of engineering experience in major fintech and social media companies. Besides developing the smart contracts for SKTLs, he has developed option trading clients, future execution engines, and AI/machine learning technologies. He obtained a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and MS in Computer Engineering from the University of California, Irvine.

Phillip Roberts is an accredited investor. He has been an advocate for blockchain technology since 2016. Phillip owns and operates a venture capital firm that invests in web3 startups. He made his fortune by investing in cryptocurrency in 2017. His mission in life is to promote the evolution of technologies that will advance humankind.

Wayne Ohlrich is a technology professional and science enthusiast with 20 years industry experience in high performance computing, helping to develop system software for peta and exascale systems. With a strong interest in mathematics, he dabbles in deep learning, the blockchain and plays bridge at the national level, winning one national event championship. He obtained an MS in computer engineering from the University of Washington in Seattle.

Cody Willard is a hedge fund manager and publisher of an online subscription investment and trading newsletter, a husband and a father to two beautiful daughters, one of whom is and has been diagnosed with a genetic disorder. Cody has been a Division-1 NCAA basketball player, an incubator analyst, a stock broker, a real estate appraiser, a busboy, a TV news anchor on Fox Business and CNBC. Mr. Willard received a BA in Economics from the University of New Mexico in 1996.