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Where did the name “SKTLs” come from?

SKTLs is short for Sky’s The Limit. Also, coincidentally, a skytale/scytale is a method of cryptography used especially by the Spartans in which a narrow strip of parchment was wound on a rod and the message written across the adjoining edges.



Where did the name “SKTLs” come from?

SKTLs is short for Sky’s The Limit. Also, coincidentally, a skytale/scytale is a method of cryptography used especially by the Spartans in which a narrow strip of parchment was wound on a rod and the message written across the adjoining edges.



Why Space Debris Cleaning?

Space debris is perhaps the single biggest impediment to making humankind interplanetary. Learn more here.


How are new SKTLs tokens mined?

Essentially, the network “mines” new SKTLs whenever there’s a new space activity. Existing owners and the Space Cleaning Fund “mine” new tokens as the space economy grows, but like with bitcoin, it gets exponentially harder to create new SKTLs tokens as the years go by. Which leads us to our next FAQ…

Why does the number of SKTLs created for each successful “Space Action” get cut in half for each successive year?

To gradually slow the new supply of the currency, in order to limit future inflation while still allowing for the new tokens to be added to the supply in an ever slower manner. In 20 years, even a successful “Space Action” of sending a human beyond our solar system would only create 95 new SKTLs. 



How do SKTLs become “valuable”?

The moment that the Airdrop recipients receive their SKTLs tokens, they will be free to sell them on peer-to-peer exchanges such as PancakeSwap and hopefully soon on an increasing number of cryptocurrency exchanges. The market value will be set by whatever price people/companies/governments/etc are willing to pay to get their own SKTLs tokens after the airdrop.

Does owning SKTLs mean that I’m helping clean up space?

Yes it does! By supporting the value of the SKTLS by holding and/or using the SKTLS tokens, you increase the amount of money that is donated to cleaning up space.

How many tokens will be created in total? Will there be an unlimited supply?

A total of 220,000,000 million tokens will be created for the initial (and only) airdrop. The total number of SKTLS tokens that will ever be created will be topped out at 300,000,000 SKTLs.

How do I get a wallet to get SKTLs? How do I find my first airdrop? How do I claim the monthly SKTLs rewards?

We have a whole page dedicated to walking you through how the airdrop and reward claims work. The start of the sign up period will commence on December 3 and will be announced over social media by the SKTLs accounts as well as by press release.



How do I buy more SKTLs?

You’ll be able to buy STKLs outright soon after the airdrop when the STKL tokens start trading on several smaller exchanges as the individuals who received the SKTLs airdrop choose to trade their SKTL tokens on such exchanges, including peer-to-peer exchanges such as Pancake Swap.



How do SKTLs token holders participate in the community? Is participation required?

SKTLs holders can actively participate in the ecosystem by generating proposals, active voting on award recipients, and increasing awareness for space exploration and space cleanup. SKTLs token holders are not required to provide liquidity or actively participate in the community, although we encourage your interest in space and space debris cleanup. Wallet holders receive awards related to space exploration. Participation in voting is highly encouraged but not required. We also welcome participation in our telegram community platform.



How does the SKTLs token fund space debris clean up?

On inception, the SKTLs will reserve 50% of all tokens to an escrow fund which will reward entities for space debris cleanup and related research. The SKTLs token holders will vote annually on the recipients. The full process is described in our white paper and governance.

Does SKTLs fund specific launches or space missions?

Annual awards will be given to selected entities that are involved in space debris cleanup and research. The SKTLs community can propose award participants and the advisory council will select the top recipients. The winners will be selected by the by the community through a vote. The winners will be awarded a total of 10% of the outstanding number of tokens held by the escrow/treasury. A total of five entities can be award recipients each year. Details about voting governance can be found here.

How is the SKTLs token value determined?

This is a market based token community. Both supply and demand will depend on the community.



Who is on the Advisory Council? How were they selected?

The current list of Advisory Council Members can be found here. The role of the Advisory Council can be found here. A seven-member council was selected by the founding members with a variety of relevant backgrounds to help establish the community and work towards developing a fully autonomous DAO.

Why are you focused on space when the oceans and air need to be cleaned here on Earth?

Great question! We hope this community helps to open up communities for additional tokens. We plan to release an ocean and air token soon. Stay tuned.



What is SKTLs?

SKTLs is a space crypto helping to create a sustainable space economy.

Why do I want to be involved in SKTLs?

The single biggest impediment  to the space economy is the ever-growing problem of space debris, which is traveling in orbit at 17,000ish MPH, and SKTLs is here to help solve the problem.



How do I profit from this investment?

By creating a “social profit for good” platform that provides economic incentive to every human participating in SKTLs and provides liquidity to space debris cleanup companies SKTLs owners can be directly involved in helping the human species sustain life in space and therefore life here on Earth.

How does it create monetary value?

For one, it will help pay for space cleanup. SKTLs is the perfect currency for space, Mars and beyond.

I’m a space enthusiast, investor and am very passionate about space. Why should I support SKTLs?

SKTLs will help open up space to more opportunities without impacting space in a negative way.



How can I invest in space when all of the top space companies are private?

By owning SKTLs cryptocurrency you are directly invested in space and the success of all space companies and organizations.



If you only airdrop half of the tokens created every time, where do the rest of the tokens go?

All of those tokens go directly to a decentralized SKTLs Space Cleanup Fund and then dispersed to space cleanup companies via a DAO voting system (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). 



If I’m not one of the first 100,000 crypto wallets registered, how can I still invest in and support SKTLs?

SKTLs will be on some of the crypto exchanges (i.e. pancakeswap, Tzero, etc.) and you will be able to buy/sell/trade for SKTLs on these platforms. 



What is MetaMask?

MetaMask is a crypto storage wallet that helps keep your crypto safe and it’s far better than trusting exchanges to protect your digital assets.

Can I put the SKTLs tokens in my cold storage device?

Yes, most crypto storage wallets like MetaMask are usually compatible with cold storage devices. One important note, always be sure to do the research first to make sure you are using devices and apps which are compatible with each other.

Who are the founders? Are there any founder tokens?

The founders are a group of space enthusiasts who came together to build SKTLs, the can be found here. There were no founder tokens allocated to the founding members. Rather, founders have come together to build this community for their interest in space and ability to help clean up space. 

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Helping to clear the way for the space revolution. By supporting SKTLs, you support a new incentive system of social good through profit motive. 



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There is no guarantee that SKTL tokens will ever have any value. There is no guarantee that any space debris will ever be cleaned up by this effort. There is no guarantee that any entity will accept SKTL tokens. There is no guarantee that if one applies for the token drop tokens will be received. SKTLs, the Founders or any individual or entity will not be responsible if tokens are not received in the drop.