SKTLs Space Investment Newsletter: SpaceX Funding, China’s Lunar Plans, Planet Labs Record Q3 and Much More

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SKTLs Space Investment Newsletter: SpaceX Funding, China’s Lunar Plans, Planet Labs Record Q3 and Much More

SKTLs Space Investment Newsletter includes information about SpaceX seeking funding at a $137 billion dollar evaluation, China’s plans for a lunar research station, Satellogic missed revenue projections and will be making several cutbacks, IN-SPACe signs a pact in efforts to become a global leader in creating a Quantum Communications Secure Network, SpaceX kicks off the new year with a succcessful Falcon 9 launch, Planet Labs has a record Q3 earnings report, an analysis on investing in space stocks for 2023 and some of the telltale signs of the growing capabilities of the Orbital Age.

Space Investment News

SpaceX Seeks Funding
SpaceX is raising money in a new round of funding, valuing the company at $137 billion.

China Lunar Research Plans
The world’s two biggest superpowers are strategizing to score a new set of firsts on the Moon.

Layoffs and Delays At Satellogic
Satellogic has slashed revenue projections, forcing the company to cut costs.

IN-SPACe Signs Pact
India is striving to become a world leader in creating a Quantum Secure Communication Network.

SpaceX. First Launch 2023
After a record-setting year, SpaceX kicked off the new year with a dedicated smallsat rideshare mission.

Planet Delivers Record Quarter
Planet reports nearly $200 million in annual revenue.

Investing in Space Stocks: 2023
Space stocks are in survival mode as the space sector enters 2023.

Yahoo Finance
The Growing Commercial Capabilities of Space Companies
Space Capital managing partner and SpaceX investor Chad Anderson joins Yahoo Finance Live anchors Brian Sozzi and Brad Smith to discuss new investment frontiers, space stocks, innovation, and the outlook for space ventures going into 2023.
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