SKTLs Space Newsletter: New Orbital Debris Bill, Space Funding In The Billions, China Seeks New Partnerships and Much More

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SKTLs Space Newsletter: New Orbital Debris Bill, Space Funding In The Billions, China Seeks New Partnerships and Much More

SKTLs Space Newsletter #44 includes information about the new orbital bill just passed by the U.S. Senate, the ESA is hiring hundreds after a recent budget increase, Space Force receives over a billion dollars as a result of the new consolidated funding bill, China seeking new partnerships with GCC countries, NASA awarding millions to a company to design the new ISS spacesuit, the potential for life on Mars, the latest and greatest for startup and private companies and fun facts about winters on Mars.

“What is the slowest of all species in the galaxy?

Space News

Orbit Debris Cleanup Bill
The Senate passes orbital debris cleanup legislation, NASA to establish a program for removing space junk.

ESA Budget Increase
The European Space Agency plans to hire 400 new employees in 2023, encompassing strategic issues within ESA as well as reforming its bureaucracy.

U.S. Space Force Funding
The $1.7 trillion consolidated funding bill allocated a hefty amount for the Space Force budget, new satellites.

China’s Seeking New Partnerships
China is on a mission to work with emerging space nations on remote sensing, communications satellites and much more.

NASA Space Station Spacesuit Award
NASA awarded $97.2 million to a company to develop a new spacesuit used for ISS spacewalks.

Is There Life On Mars?
Early in the life of the solar system Mars appears to have had Earth-like conditions. Planetary researchers have been targeting Mars to gain insight into how our own planet developed.



SpaceX completes record year. The recent launch of a Falcon 9 carrying a commercial Israeli imaging satellite marks the end of the busiest year ever for SpaceX.


Platform to predict RF interference. Canadian startup Magnestar is building a platform to help foresee radio frequency interference among satellite operators.


Saturn Satellite Networks small GEO satellite program. Saturn is trying to secure funds for another attempt at getting its small geostationary satellite manufacturing business off the ground.

Fun facts about space life…
Earth undergoes seasonal transformations throughout the year, every year. Interesting fact, so do other planets.  
What are winters like on Mars? Some areas get as low as minus 190 degrees Fahrenheit, and some up to 3 feet of snow. ⛷

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