SKTLs Space Newsletter: Artemis 1 Launches, CAPSTONE’s In Lunar Orbit, The X-37B Space Plane’s New Record and Much More

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SKTLs Space Newsletter: Artemis 1 Launches, CAPSTONE’s In Lunar Orbit, The X-37B Space Plane’s New Record and Much More

SKTLs Space Newsletter #42 includes information about the recent Artemis 1 launch and mission, CAPSTONE reaches its intended lunar orbit, the X-37B Space Plane sets a new in-orbit record, South Korea’s Danuri Orbiter achieves interplanetary internet connection, NASA’s Venus mission delay is affecting other missions, Rocket Lab basks in the success of the CAPSTONE mission, private sector and startup news and some fun facts about the effects of cosmic radiation on space life.

“What should you do if you see a spaceman?
Quickly park your car in it.”

Space News

The Artemis 1 Launch
SLS has launched Artemis 1 and it’s headed toward the moon!

NASA’s CAPSTONE Spacecraft Arrives
The NASA CAPSTONE Spacecraft has found its spot in space, reaching a near-rectilinear halo orbit (NRHO).

The X-37B Space Plane
The X-37B Space Plane sets a new endurance record, beating its previous record of 780 days.

South Korea’s Danuri Orbiter
Danuri, South Korea’s robotic lunar orbiter, achieved interplanetary internet connection by way of delay-disruption tolerant networking.

NASA’s Venus Mission
Delaying the NASA Venus mission has put a few kinks in the organizations space exploration schedule.

Rocket Lab
Welcome to the Moon, CAPSTONE
Five months after lifting off, CAPSTONE has arrived at the Moon.


SpaceX launches a pair of Intelsat satellites.  SpaceX successfully launches replacement satellites, but it’s the final flight for this Falcon 9 booster.

LEOcloud and Axiom Space.  LEOcloud, a startup focused on space-based edge computing, has announced a strategic collaboration agreement with Axiom Space.

Kayhan and Morpheus.  Kayhan Space and Morpheus Space announced a strategic partnership, offering collision avoidance solutions.

Benchmark expands.  Benchmark Space Systems has increased staff, facilities and has booked more than 250 new orders.

SFL offers support for HawkEye 360.  Space Flight Laboratory won a significant award, offering developmental support for Hawkeye 360.

ClearSpace’s collaboration with Intelsat.  ClearSpace, the Swiss orbital debris removal startup, is building on core capabilities it’s already developing for the ESA.

Starfish books launch for a mission next fall.  Starfish Space plans to perform the first satellite docking test using electric propulsion, attempting to rendezvous with another spacecraft.

Fun facts about space life…
Space radiation is one of the main health risks for humans in space. Harmful effects of space radiation are a major challenge for short and long-term missions.
Could synthetic hibernation provide some answers for future developments to protect humans from cosmic radiation?

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