SKTLs Space Newsletter: From Dusk To Polaris Dawn, China’s New Spaceplane Wows, ESA Moves To SpaceX and Much More

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SKTLs Space Newsletter: From Dusk To Polaris Dawn, China’s New Spaceplane Wows, ESA Moves To SpaceX and Much More

SKTLs Newsletter #39 includes information about the most recent status of the Polaris Dawn crewed mission, China’s new Spaceplane is doing things other planes can’t, the ESA moves two of its missions to another private launch provider, Space Force has a new process for funding and a new set of millions to dish out, what happened on this day (Oct. 25th) in space back in 1671, a full update on the SpaceX Starship and the SW Texas Starbase, space startups are growing more than just they’re funds (SpaceX, Orbit Fab, Apex, Preligens and Relativity Space) and fun facts about the effects cosmic rays have on star formation within galaxies.

“What do you say to a three-headed alien?
Hello. Hello. Hello.”

Space News

Polaris Dawn Crewed Mission
The billionaire-backed private astronaut mission, launching on a SpaceX Crew Dragon, can’t seem to get off the ground.

China’s Spaceplane
China’s new spaceplane is pushing all the boundaries and now has some new funding.

ESA Missions
SpaceX gets two more missions as the ESA manages loss of access and delays with other launch providers.

Space Force Funding
Space Force funding is on fire, vendors will compete for millions.

On This Day In Space!
October 25, 1671: Iapetus was discovered by Giovanni Cassini.

The Space Race
2023 SpaceX Starbase Update
The first launch of the Starship is growing closer. And with that, Starbase is setting the bar for the space industry and beyond.



Starlink is taking preorders. SpaceX has started accepting preorders for high-speed broadband service on private jets.


Orbit Fab secures a new investor. Orbit Fab, a startup developing infrastructure for refueling satellites in orbit, just added more funding to the $17 million it had raised previously.


Apex raises seed round. Apex envisions manufacturing small satellites in Los Angeles, CA., with some big name VCs getting on board.


Preligens aims high. French startup Preligens is expanding its U.S. subsidiary with a new bid to be a long-term supplier to the U.S. Department of Defense.


Relativity Space expands its test facilities. Relativity Space will be developing more than 150 acres of land at a space cecnter in Mississippi for testing its engines.

Fun facts about space…
Galaxies are in the business of star formation, but how do they now when the work is done?
New clues show evidence that cosmic ray electrons play a major role when it comes to slowing the rate of star formation as galaxies evolve.

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