SKTLs Space Newsletter: Starlink Dodges Debris, Perfect Launch Records, ISS This Week And Much More

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SKTLs Space Newsletter: Starlink Dodges Debris, Perfect Launch Records, ISS This Week And Much More

SKTLs Space Newsletter: Starlink Dodges Debris, Perfect Launch Records, ISS This Week And Much More
SKTLs Newsletter #35 includes information about Starlink’s recent run-in with space debris, Galactic Energy’s perfect launch history, Rocket Lab’s CAPSTONE Success, critical research being administered on the ISS this week, impact analysis of next months meteor impact by DART, what happened on August 9th, 1976 in space, Blue Origin’s latest launch of NS22, space startups news and interesting facts about star formation.
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“Where can planets update their status?
Their Spacebook account!”

Space News

Starlink Satellites Encounter Debris
A new series of Starlink satellites is being affected by space debris.

Galactic Energy Of China
Launch service provider Galactic Energy has maintained a perfect launch record.

Small Launch Vehicles To Spacecraft 
Rocket manufacturer continues to operate the Lunar Photon spacecraft, a month after it deployed.

Critical Research On The ISS 
The International Space Station just began critical research, hoping to benefit humans living on and off the Earth.

Spacecraft Could Obliterate Asteroids
The first test of a planetary defense system against potential asteroid impacts on Earth is being conducted by NASA.

On This Day In Space!
August 9th, 1976: Soviet Luna 24 launches to the moon.

Blue Origin
The Journey of NS-22
The life-changing journey of Blue Origin’s NS22.


Satellite collision-avoidance kits. Benchmark Space Systems has unveiled a collision-avoidance kit, helping small satellites avoid debris and steer clear of other spacecraft.

Student asteroid detection tool. Space logistics startup TransAstronautica has partnered with online astronomy platform Slooh.

Fun facts about space…
It sounds funny when said out loud, but “stars determine their own mass.” This new finding enables researchers to better understand star formation within our own Milky Way and other galaxies.
“Understanding the stellar initial mass function is such an important problem because it impacts astrophysics across the board,” Northwestern’s Claude-André Faucher-Giguère.

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