SKTLs Space Newsletter: S. Korea Launches KPLO, China’s Reusable Secret, New Shepard #6 And Much More

SKTLs Newsletter #34 includes information about South Korea’s first mission to lunar orbit (KPLO), China’s secretive reusable rocket test, an update on extending the lifespan of the ISS, New Shepard’s […]

SKTLs Newsletter #34 includes information about South Korea’s first mission to lunar orbit (KPLO), China’s secretive reusable rocket test, an update on extending the lifespan of the ISS, New Shepard’s sixth flight, Rocket Lab’s recent launch for NRO, what was happening on August 5th, 2011 in space, the upcoming Perseid meteor shower, startups in space and fun facts about asteroid Bennu.
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“What do you call the lights on a lunar rover?

Space News

South Korea’s Lunar Orbiter
South Korea’s first lunar orbiter (KPLO) is headed towards the moon and it’s mission critical.

China’s Secret Test Spacecraft
China just sent a highly-classified reusable experimental spacecraft into orbit.

NASA  And Roscosmos ISS Update 
Can we expect to see continued operations of the ISS after 2024, as NASA continues to push for an extension?

Blue Origin Space Tourism Continues 
Blue Origin’s sixth New Shepard passenger flight was launched by a hydrogen-burning BE-3 first-stage engine booster.

Rocket Lab Launches
Rocket Lab’s second of two missions for the NRO is now official.

On This Day In Space!
August 5th, 2011: The Juno spacecraft started its journey.

The Secrets of the Universe
The Perseid Meteor Shower Of August 2022
The  August 2022 Perseid meteor shower will be active from July 14 to August 27, reaching its peak activity on August 11-12. This video explains how to watch the August 2022 Perseid meteor shower.


Xona’s GPS-alternative constellation. Startup Xona Space Systems has raised millions from VC’s for its proposed navigation constellation, including Lockheed’s venture capital arm.

Chinese space firm raises funds. Yunyao Yuhang startup’s latest funding round comes with a twist, following a previous round worth “tens of millions of yuan” in July 2021.

Fun facts about space…
Sometimes, during a morning coffee or tea, it’s hard not to become obsessed with the surface and sub-surface of asteroid Bennu. Lucky enough for those of us that have meteor people problems, NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft collected samples from asteroid Bennu’s surface in 2020.
It just so happens, asteroid Bennu has had a rough-and-tumble existence since being liberated from its much larger parent asteroid some millions or billions of years ago.

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