SKTLs Space Newsletter: SpaceX Launch, China’s Newest Module, S. Korea’s Moon Mission and Much More

SKTLs Newsletter #32 includes information about the 6th SpaceX launch this month, China’s newest experiment module, South Korea’s plans for a moon mission with SpaceX, the latest and greatest progress […]

SKTLs Newsletter #32 includes information about the 6th SpaceX launch this month, China’s newest experiment module, South Korea’s plans for a moon mission with SpaceX, the latest and greatest progress of the Artemis 1 SLS mission, satellites dodging space debris, calculating the risks of space debris, what was happening in space on July 26th in 2005, new commercial cargo recently arriving at the ISS, space startups and fun facts about the Space Surveillance Network (SSN).
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Space News

SpaceX, The Sixth Launch This Month
SpaceX’s latest Falcon 9 sends another batch of satellites into orbit.

China’s New Experiment Module
Introducing the Wentian module, designed for on-orbit experiments.

South Korea’s First Moon Mission 
A SpaceX Falcon 9 will be launching the Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter (KPLO).

Progress Continues, NASA Artemis I 
NASA technicians are preparing the rocket, hoping for August launch.

Satellite Dodges Space Junk
Avoiding space debris is quickly becoming a major priority for satellites.

Scientists Calculate Space Debris Risks
With the growing number of rocket launches, new study warns that the latest predictions are conservative estimates.

On This Day In Space!
July 26, 2005: Space shuttle Discovery launched its first mission following the Columbia disaster.

Commercial Cargo Spacecraft Safely Arrives At The ISS And More
A commercial cargo spacecraft safely arrives at the space station, space station crewmembers conduct a spacewalk, and an update on plans to launch the Artemis I mission.



Stellar Ventures unveils new fund. Stellar Ventures, working closely with Stellar Solutions, unleashes multi-million dollar space startup fund.


D-Orbit space logistics business. D-Orbit satellite services, from debris removal to space-based cloud computing.

Fun facts about space…
Ever wonder how humans track space debris in order to calculate the inherent risks associated with the growing space economy?
From orbital operations safety to managing meteoroid and debris protection, the Space Surveillance Network is a fine tuned tracking system for objects orbiting the Earth.

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