SKTLs Space Newsletter: ULA’s Latest Launch, CAPSTONE Success, ASAT Testing Ban And Much More

SKTLs Newsletter #31 includes information about ULA’s recent launch for the DoD, CAPSTONE’s starts its journey, New Zealand joins the ASAT testing ban movement, Artemis 1 arrives at the VAB, […]

SKTLs Newsletter #31 includes information about ULA’s recent launch for the DoD, CAPSTONE’s starts its journey, New Zealand joins the ASAT testing ban movement, Artemis 1 arrives at the VAB, Virgin Orbit’s recent success, what happened on July 5th in space in 2015, the SLS/Orion rocket rundown, recent news about space startups and interesting facts about space.
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Space News

ULA’s Atlas 5 Launch
The ULA successfully launched the DoD’s $1.1 billion USSF-12 mission.

The Cislunar Autonomous Positioning System Technology Operations and Navigation Experiment (CAPSTONE) cubesat is on its way to the moon.

ASAT Testing Ban 
New Zealand joins the effort to build momentum for a global prohibition on anti-satellite weapons testing.

Artemis Moon Rocket 
The first launch in a series of increasingly complex missions that will enable humans to explore the Moon and Mars is closer than ever.

Virgin Orbit’s Launch
Virgin Orbit successfully placed a set of payloads into orbit for the company’s first nighttime launch.

On This Day In Space!
July 5, 2015: The Russian Progress 60 successfully docked with the ISS.

Artemis I: We Are Capable
The SLS and Orion will soon launch on the uncrewed Artemis I mission around the Moon, paving the way for astronauts. Artemis I represents a new generation of spaceflight capabilities and partnerships that will take humans back to the Moon and beyond.


OneWeb to launch second-generation satellites. Relativity Space announces a launch services agreement with OneWeb.

Kongsberg and NanoAvionics. Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace will acquire a majority stake in NanoAvionics, valuing the smallsat manufacturer at around 65 million euros.

Fun facts about space…
Current plans call for the space station to be operational until 2024, while ISS partners are discussing a possible extension until 2028.
The Space Station flies at an average altitude of 248 miles (400 kilometers) above Earth. It circles the globe every 90 minutes at a speed of about 17,500 mph (28,000 km/h). In one day, the station travels about the distance it would take to go from Earth to the moon and back.

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