SKTLs Space Newsletter: Decentralizing Space, Starliner Success, Blockchain Space, NASA Delays And Much More

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SKTLs Space Newsletter: Decentralizing Space, Starliner Success, Blockchain Space, NASA Delays And Much More

SKTLs Newsletter #29 includes information about the utility of decentralization regarding space economy sustainability, Starliner’s recent success, Lockheed and Filecoin partner to create blockchain for space, NASA’s recent delays, newbies at the Lunar Gateway Outpost, on May 27th, 2009 in space, Space Race updates, space startup news and fun facts about the history of water on Mars.
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“Why haven’t aliens come to our solar system yet?
They read the reviews: one star!”

Space News

Decentralized Approaches To Space Sustainability
The space economy is ringing the bell, team work makes the dream work.

Starliner Concludes OFT-2 Test Flight
A six-day un-crewed test flight to the International Space Station has finalized its mission.

Lockheed Martin, Filecoin Foundation Plan 
How a blockchain network in space could help save the space economy.

Software Problems 
NASA delays yet another mission.

The Lunar Gateway Outpost
New progress made regarding collaborations for human and robotic lunar missions.

On This Day In Space!
May 27, 2009: Expedition 20 doubles space station’s crew size.

The Space Race
Boeing Starliner, NASA Spacesuit Issues and More
Boeing Starliner finally catching up to the SpaceX Dragon, issues with NASA spacesuits, and strange signals from outer space.


Launcher wins a new contract.Launcher was just awarded the SBIR Phase 2B tactical funding increase.

10 startups for the 2022 space accelerator.Ten startups will soon start a four-week course with mentors and experts from AWS and program partner AlchemistX.

Fun facts about space…
In the past humans have questioned the existence of water on Mars, now science is trying to pinpoint exactly how it all dried up.
Many scientists had assumed that losing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which helped to keep Mars warm, caused the trouble. However, new findings are leading us in another direction.

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